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Welcome to Todd & Duncan

Colourists in Cashmere

Todd & Duncan are the world's leading cashmere yarn spinners with over 140 years heritage that stands for supreme quality, exceptional customer service, innovation and integrity.

We supply cashmere yarn to the world's top couture houses and international contemporary fashion designers and are the international leader in directional colour, quality and stock service.

We blend the best of modern technology with the traditional skill of the eye to match any colour and offer the world's largest cashmere stock service.

Manufacturing on the banks of Lochleven, Kinross in Scotland, we combine the finest quality cashmere fibre with the purity of Scottish water and the skill of traditional craftsmen, to create the world's finest cashmere yarn.

Our Design Studio is dedicated to supporting new and established designers around the world to develop and evolve the design capability of cashmere, and continuously challenge the boundaries of what can be achieved in yarn development and design applications.

We nurture new talent through sponsorship of students at over 15 fashion colleges and universities each year to encourage fresh talent and to foster new challenges in cashmere product innovation.


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